Kia Orana !

Want to learn Cook Islands Language the Easy Way?

If you answered ” Yes” to the above question, then Welcome into this web-space. We believe we can help you achieve your goals.

Here are a few pointers:

1. Each lesson is no more than 5 minutes. So take your time.You can go as fast or as slow as you wish.

2. Make a goal: 1 lesson a week, or whatever suits you. There are 10 new words in each lesson, so if you learnt the first 10 lessons, you will have a vocab bag of approxiamately 100 words. Thats heaps to do the basic communication stuff.

3. Did you know that to learn any language, you only need about 200 words to get you talking conversations with locals? Its true. Its a well known phenomenum in linguistic studies. Get the basics under your belt (first 100) and watch the second 100 really get you in the zone! Thats how we all picked up our first words as 2-3 yr olds.

4. Dont worry yet about grammar and stuff. Just focus on core words. You will pick up the “joining” words in time. For now, concentrate on increasing your Keywords knowledge. Your vocabs. The more words you have in your “word-bag”, the easier it will be for you to “find the right words” when you want to communicate. In fact, grammar and stuff will be incorporated in sentences without you even knowing! Formal grammar will be introduced later.

The key to learning Cook Islands language fast is to:

  • have a strong reason as to WHY you want to learn to speak (motivation)
  • get a good program that connects to all your senses (eyes, ears, touch)
  • break it down into “easy-peezy” steps (so its not a drag)
  • then just do it. Make a committment to practise/listen everyday. The more you repeat, the better it sticks to the brain!

Want to really get Supafast Results ?

To really fast-track things…. speak it .Then teach it.

What do you mean?

1. Find a Cook Islander who is fluent;

2. practise with him/her everyday if possible…

3. then turn around and teach someone else (maybe your child, your moko (grandchild) or even a willing neighbor.


NEWS ALERT -Cook Islands Language Disappearing- click here to read this article, NZ Herald, 17 April 2009.


Keep Te Reo Kuki Airani Alive

Finally, please help to keep reo Kuki Airani alive. Speak it at home. On the phone. At school. At work.

Most importantly, speak it to the children so that they may speak it to their children…and so on and so on.

Thats how the language will remain and pass onto the next generations, many years after we have gone.

Kia orana e kia manuia,




For the most comprehensive online guide to the guide Cook
(Takai, Rakahanga) Islands, click the image above. Meitaki maata to the owner, John Roberts who has managed to share our little piece of paradise… to the world.


Note: This site is a “work-in-progress”. Lessons will be added weekly.