Stop Being A Slave To The English Language

Discover How To Speak Fluent Cook Islands Forever…In 3 Solid Steps!

If the time has FINALLY come in your life where you must learn to Speak the Cook Islands Language …then you have happened onto the right page.

Kia Orana my non-speaking Cook Islands friend,

Do you resonate with any of the following Feelings:

  • I'm a Cook Islander…but somethings missing...
  • I'm proud I'm a Cook Islander, if only I could speak the language...
  • Sometimes don't “feel” like a real Cook Islander because I don't know the language...
  • I want to learn…but Time?...
  • I want to learn…but isn't it hard to learn a second language?...
  • I want to learn…but I'm busy...
  • I want to learn…from the convenience of home...
  • I used to learn when I was small. Is it possible as a grown adult?...
  • I’d love to speak...but I'm scared to try in case I'm laughed at!...
  • I'd love to learn if only I could learn on my own, behind the scenes. I'm an introvert...
  • If only mum & dad were alive again to teach me the language...
  • Scared to make mistakes, especially in public...
  • I wish there were videos where I can self-educate in my own time...
  • Wouldn't it be nice to be part of a group of like-minded people on the same journey?

Wouldn't This solve my identity crisis?

Did you know there are Approx 60,000 Other Kuki's in the same boat As YOU?

Cook Islanders who were born overseas, to Cook Islands parents.

And unfortunately, don't speak the language.

Trapped, like African slaves, by an English language master. Not forced to row… be slaves.

We’re limited by our choices and are not able to be free-world Maori-speaking Cook Islanders.

Its a scary thought, you know?

If we choose NOT to stand up and unshackle ourselves from these self-imposed chains...

Do you know the consequences of that decision?

On your own peace of mind?
On your own family today?
On your future great-grandchildren?
On your future family generations?

We don't realize we are passing our “english-master’s” prison onto our children.

And in doing so we are bequeathing our children, and our children's children…

The same self-imposed (no lock on these chains) journey.

Voluntary Slaves...By Our Own Choosing!

We stand to lose ALOT...who we are, where we come from, our cultural fabric,  our Kuki Airani...

And God forbid...

We Lose the One Thing...

That separates a Cook Islander from all other creeds and races on planet Earth...

Our unique identification...

Our Cook Islands Language

(To Tatou Reo Tupuna)

When you lose the mother tongue of your forefathers...

You Lose the Last Connection...

To your Mum, your Dad, your mama and papa (on both sides)...

and the links to your Ui Tupuna, your ancestors.

Literally, thousands upon thousands of Tupuna souls who have passed onto the other side...

Awaiting your arrival to join the Clan.

You Lose Your IDENTITY...

Who You Are

Your Essence

Your Certainty

And THAT is not a good feeling.

Unacceptable. Wouldnt you agree?

Heres the thing:

We are proud Cook Islanders, and yet do not speak Cook Islands maori.

We are proud Kiwis or Aussies, but identify as being of Cook Islands descent on government stats forms.

We are brown....but only speak white.

We look brown outside (like everyone else in Rarotonga & the Pa Enua…) but don't speak our own language.

Aue tatou e!

As my old man would say, “Te akapeéa mai nei koe?

Or in plain english, “Your screwed!”

Kia Orana, my name is Tairi Maoate.

When I moved to Rarotonga in my 20's, all I could say was ‘Kia orana’ and that was it.

The rest was in the late, Her Royal Majesty, The Queen of England's language…English.

To top it was with an Australian accent…
Yeah digger! Throw another shrimp on the barbie!

With a name like mine, Kuki's thought I spoke the lingo…

Until I opened my mouth.

I could see their eyes glaze with a bit of revulsion.

Underneath they were probably thinking…REALLY ??

As a NZ-born, my parents spoke Raro at home, but we kids weren't taught to speak.

So Kiwi-english became the adopted “mother-tongue” for my brothers and sisters. And...

...The Slave Journey Began. 

We were'nt the only ones. We didn't think anything of it…back in the days.

Not until we started having kids of our own...

...that's when the “feeling” started.

Like taking them to culture practices at school.

For some of us, it was a bit foreign.

Uncomfortable. Not in our comfort zone.

I mean, we couldn't sing, dance, or play the drums.

We weren't raised with those cultural blessings.

We grew up on haka's, rugby league and All Blacks!

And when you've been brought-up where every other Kuki you knew was in the same boat...

Well…no big deal…right?

Just Row bro!

I mean, if your story was like ours, then you know what its like.

All our cousins & Relatives spoke english

The Cook Islands language was only for the grown-ups.

- mums, dads, aunties, uncles, nans & papas, but...

Looking back, I guess we were the original #Kiwi-kids #weet-bix kids

Now that our parents, and our grandparents are all gone...

(And oops, looks like we are next in line as Kaumatua) seems like our adult kids and their newly married kids are just like us

2nd, 3rd and 4th generation Weet-bix Kids

Slaves to the English TaskMaster.

(Back To Raro...)

When I was in my 30’s, I remember lacking the confidence to mingle with any real Kuki's then. (Even my own family...unless they spoke English).

Bullens...Muri creeps

I felt like a kiwi-aussie tourist in the land of my ancestors.

And I HATED that feeling so much!

Being a Cook Islander who doesn't speak Cook Islands. Ouch!

Being brown on the outside..but white on the inside. Gulp!

Without my father’s language, I felt like an imposter.

Unable to pass the rites of passage.

Tangata Kuki airani. Tumu tikae.

Deep down, it hurt. Alot.

🎵 "Pass me a stein. When the sun goes down" - UB40 🎵

No matter how much I avoided the situation...

There was always a small voice in the back of my head saying,

"You're Kiwi, not Kuki"

In NZ, as a kid growing up, it didn't matter. 

Big country. Easy to go unnoticed. 

Annie Crummer. Melting Pot.

But this was different...

I was in Rarotonga, the Cook Islands

Where Cook Islanders spoke Cook Islands.

The land of the Free...


Not manuhiri.

Te enua no te Ui tupuna.

And here I was... 

...descendant of aronga atu enua, Ngati Maoate...


Not able to say a word because I couldn't speak maori.

Aue te akamā ma'atama'ata.


But then my destiny changed...

I met this beautiful Cook Islands woman...

Who agreed to marry me...

And started a family with. 

And then...

The lights went ON..

And I saw Hope!

I watched as she raised our family,

Taught our kids to speak Cook Islands in her Rakahanga/Manihiki dialect

And now...

Thanks to my wife and the curriculum she built with our children...

I, too, have learnt to to speak Cook Islands.

But it wasn't easy.

In between surviving the family, work, and life… was a challenge to get time to study.

Not only was it a time-issue, but there were other obstacles which I had to overcome.





Lots of things to learn.

Lots of costs.

It took time to discover...

  • strategy,
  • 2nd language acquisition,
  • comprehensive input,
  • order of learning,
  • sub-orders of learning,
  • diff speak/write/ listen/read

And the effects of these costs...TIME!

No wonder there hasnt been a solution!

And I want to help others, like YOU,

free yourself too...

Its a great feeling...

To be a free Kuki

A maori speaking Cook Islander!

Just Imagine…

  • Developing deeper connections with your Cook Islands family and friends...
  • Having real, comfortable conversations with your influencers...
  • Attending meetings or events and understanding what's going on (like land meetings)...
  • Proudly representing your Kopu Tangata-Family at important events…funerals, birthdays, graduations...
  • Mingling with other Cook Islands-speaking people in any situation (freely and confidently)
  • Living and working overseas in Cook Islands or Pacifica positions & roles…
  • Talking to new peoplecreating amazing new networks…with Cookies all over the world...
  • Helping Cook Islanders in all walks of life by taking up leadership roles in the church, community and national levels...
  • Singing and understanding the meanings of your favorite songs…
  • Teaching your own children and grandchildren (as you learn yourself)...
  • and so much more…

How different would your LIFE be from now?

How confident and proud would you feel about You?

What major impacts could this New Reality bring upon your family and your loved ones ?

What inter-generational legacy can you start today and pass on for your future great-great grandchildren?


"Cook Islands Reo"

Speak Fluent Cook Islands Forever in 12 months”

A simple and easy way for you to acquire the Cook Islands language everywhere and anywhere in the world. 

Here’s What You’ll Learn:

  • Pronounce words properly so you can engage and connect with Cook Island speakers with unstoppable confidence.
  • Think like a Cook Islander, and not focus on translating every word in english.

    After all, the goal is to speak reo-Maori, not english. Fastest way to learn it is…Think like a Cook Islander, speak CookIslands.
  • To use scientifically proven methods to install, store and recall Cook Islands reo maori into your brain-space (comprehensive input) so that you can communicate confidently, whether in written form or spoken.
  • To speak fluent Cook Islands maori.

This Course Includes:


6 Video Modules with the average of 5 short teaching sessions in each module.


Over 52 Downloadable Audio Files which give you the ability to listen and mimic the Head Coach and other native speakers..


Unlimited Access to Interactive Reading Books.

From primary to secondary-level books, you can read alongside a native narrator. These interactive books give you unlimited chances to rewind, mimic, practice out loud, and pick up the accent and pronunciation skills needed to help you speak fluently.

You acquire it by “shadowing”. At the same time, you will increase your word knowledge-basket that has been the missing building blocks for anyone who didn't acquire the language in between 5 and 15 yrs old, the school years missed out...

Graded readers to help you 10x the Cook Islands words in your brains! Its so easy to associate , connect, and therefore remember.


Quizzes and Games to entertain and educate you in one hit. A powerful way to learn anything is by having fun! eg. think of any sports you have played.


Spaced-Repetition System software to help you retain words into long-term memory.

This is the secret-sauce for learning any topic, Visual with Audio flashcards, to help you remember and Recall words..


Direct access to other language speakers, native and non-native to practice focused conversations and simulate “real conversations”.

Practice, drill, rehearse in private zoom, or facetime sessions on mobile, so you are confident when you speak amongst family, friends and associates in public.


Join 2x Weekly LIVE Calls, Questions & Answers (Q&A) and “Hot-Spots” sessions.

This is where you can discuss live with other Inner-circle members and leverage off each others insights.


A Community of Passionate KukiLanguageLords, just like you, who are all pumped ,and highly motivated to “speak the reo” and walk into the Cook Islands world.

What is This?

  • This is a 6 month digital membership site that's not available anywhere else in the world.
  • It's the only online course where you can learn to speak fluent Cook Islands from the comfort and convenience of your own home.
  • Thanks to the internet & technology, you will be able to attend live, receive replays, rewind, repeat, re-listen etc… so that you acquire the language in your own time.
  • You will have LIFETIME access to the time you are a member so you can review and practise your new found skillset.
  • You will learn by “comprehensive input”.

In simple terms, this is where all your modalities of learning (eyes, ears, mouth, head, heart, hands) … are hit from all angles. 

This style of learning caters for your preferred learning modality, whether you learn best by visual, audio or physical preferences. We’ve got you covered!

Here's The Course Framework:

Module #1:

Pronunciation Mastery

"Its not WHAT you say, its HOW you say it"

The key to understanding and acquiring any language is pronunciation.

The ability to voice words out correctly. And equally important, the ability to listen for the sounds of what someone is saying to you and being able to work out what they are saying. 

If the other person doesn't understand what you're saying, they're not going to respond back. If you can't work out what word they're saying, then you're not going to comprehend. 

Either way, the end result is "HUH?"...or back to english. 

This usually happens because of two reasons:

  1. You pronounced the right word the wrong way, signaling a different meaning or…
  2. You have a slightly unique accent which the receiver has trouble understanding.

Remind you of someone?

I'm sure we've tried our hardest to understand friends of a different language or thick accent speak English, right?

...Samoan, Chinese, Thailand, British - you name it...

Its a bit of a challenge, isn't it?

Hence why the need to master pronunciation FIRST. Priority #1.

When you master the sounds of speech in the Cook Islands alphabet, you will be on the fast-track to acquire the language because you have the keys to the language - the sound patterns & production-ability.

When you focus on sounding right, then others will get what you're saying.

Session #1 focuses entirely around mastering your face, tongue and mouth muscles & raises your confidence in pronouncing words. Its the key to reading, writing, listening to other speakers, and speaking in the language.

Mastering Pronunciation.

Module #2:

Word Building 1000

How can I learn and build my word sets, so I can have 10 minutes (or more) conversation within 3 months?

The secret here is to focus on learning words, sentences and phrases that have immediate relevance to you NOW. Focus on words and sentences that have personal emotional pull-power. I am, I think, I love, I hate, I would really like to…etc etc.

Its easier to learn anything that sits on your soul as opposed to learning things that “don't mean jack”.

As a newbie learner, your main job after learning pronunciation, is to build your vocabulary- Words. No words, no language. Have Words…have language! Simple.


Mormon missionaries are famous for learning foreign languages.


They focus on ONE topic - Gathering Souls - and learn everything to do with that subject to be able to communicate with their foreign flock in the target native tongue.

They focus on One thing that is highly Relevant and holds their Attention and Motivation 24/7.

These are key attributes to acquiring a second language.

  • Focus
  • Relevance
  • Attention
  • Motivation.

In the Mormons case…their main purpose, or Motivating factor, is bringing souls to Heavenly Father.

What is YOURS?

What is your main driving force that is compelling you to acquire the language?

What is your Big Why?

When you know your Why, building your first-foundational Words set to 1000 is going to be a walk in the park.

I did it in under 3 months. I created a system that worked with my Whys.

This is one of the secret hacks that got me, a NZ born, to speak the reo, a second-language, fast.

I built my vocab bag quickly to 1000 words.

I focused on words and stuff that interested me. Family, jobs, business, squash, rugby league, internet etc.

I didnt see the point in learning about dishes, schooling, planting, travel etc.

Wasnt my buzz!

And I kept it simple. Verbs, nouns, joining words, etc.

It would be the perfect strategy for you too.

This module is very Results-based.

The stepping stones:

By the end of 3 Months: you have a database of 600 words. You speak 10 mins conversation with a tutor.

By the end of 6 months: you have learnt another 900 words. You can speak 30 mins fluent with a tutor.

By the end of 9 months: you have learnt another 300 words. You can hold a 45 minute conversation with a tutor.

By the end of 12 months: you have learnt 200 more words. You are now fluent.

You will jump straight into Cook Islands frequently used phrases that you would normally speak about when talking to friends, families and workmates. 

You will acquire usable and frequently used words and sentences. The stuff that most of us would talk about when hooking up in normal social circumstances. Makes sense…aye?

The rest of the course will be done in collaboration with yourself and your tutor.

Dont forget! You'll learn best when you focus on words that are in your interest and motivation.

Dont waste time learning new words that you will never use.

Module #3:

Brainscape (The Secret Sauce)

One of the most challenging problems people face when learning a new language is remembering words. Whether it's Chinese, French, German, you name it - its a universal problem.

Building a decent word-basket is one thing. Recalling those words is another.

Brainscape is a Spaced Repetition System which is similar to using flashcards, but on steroids.

Its main job is to help you transfer new words from your short term to your long term memory. In short, its a life-changer: it helps you to remember ANYTHING you want to put onto your Brain.

There are various visual audio things that the software has. But the most important thing is, it helps your brain to store information into long term memory…and recall when needed.

So If you have a problem with remembering information, like words and numbers, this tool is the answer for you

Brainscape will fix that issue quickly. You just have to pull it up in your phone app. And USE it.


you will learn the fastest way to learn a second language.

Most Cook Islands language courses FAIL because there are no “comprehensive input” strategies. (I will explain what that is later.)


you will learn how to speak and use the language as a tool…to help you to speak.

After all, the whole goal is to speak for 15 minutes, in the language, with a native speaker, 3 months from the day you start.

You use a shovel to dig a hole.
The shovel is the tool. But you really…want a hole.
We use the language (shovel) …to speak the language (hole). Algood?


with the right digital systems, and the right Coaching Team in place, you can learn the language from the comfort and convenience of your home-country, anywhere in the world.

...Australia, New Zealand, Europe, the UK, the Pacific, the USA. Anywhere.

As long as you have data and/or internet connection access.. and a smart-phone, you are good-to-go.

There is no other Cook Islands language course available online, full-stop.

6 Reasons

Why You Should Learn To Pronounce It Right:

  • Reason #1 - More Confidence

Once you have your pronunciation down pat, speaking with native speakers becomes more enjoyable and boosts your motivation even more.


More Confident => More you Speak => More you Improve => Better Fluency

  • Reason #2 - Understood Better

Whether you've got your grammar wrong or you have no or limited vocabulary, you can still communicate well as long as you can pronounce the words properly. 

  • Reason #3 - No More English 

How many of you have tried replying in the same language as your aunties / uncles / friends / family, but didn't know how to say it? Stop holding yourself back, master the pronunciation first, then build your bucket of vocabulary, second.

  • Reason #4 - Better Listening

When you complete the Pronunciation Mastery Course, you will be able to identify the words you hear straight away, reinforcing your grammar and vocabulary along the way. 

  • Reason #5 - Read & Write Faster

Gaining a solid understanding of the Cook Islands language alphabet and their individual sounds will allow you to read and write 10x faster than those without it.

It's just like English, before you can read, you must know what each letter sounds like in order to put it together.

  • Reason #6 - Reach Fluency Much Faster

Last but not least, you will be able to identify words you hear and read FAR more accurately.

*** Grand Opening On Nov 8th, 2021 ***

The member’s section with the Action Plans will be ready to welcome you on Nov 14st. But if you decide to join the program before it starts, I have a special bonus for you.

Reserve Your Seat Before We Launch & Get This FAST-Action Bonus

On the launch day (08/11/2021), the bonus listed below won’t be for FREE as a part of this course. But you can grab it now for FREE in this presell period.

FAST-Action Bonus:

Unlimited Pronunciation Feedback

Whether you're practicing a word, song, or speech, send me a recording of yourself and I'll critique/mark/help you assess your pronunciation for you, for FREE!

Why travel to the islands when you can gain instant access to a native, immediately?

Value: $297

P.S We’ll be selling this as a standalone service later on, but you can get it for FREE
 only during this presell period.

Here is EVERYTHING You Need To

speaking Cook Islands

...In 12 Months!

  • Pronunciation Mastery Course (value $197)
  • Bonus #1: 10-Minute Daily Flashcards (value $67)
  • Bonus #2: 37 Complete Phrases (value $97)
  • Bonus #3: Private Facebook Group (priceless)
  • Bonus #4: 5 Steps To Speak Any Language in 30 Days (value $97)
  • 🎁 Fast Action Bonus - Unlimited Pronunciation Feedback (value 297)

Total Value: $755

$37 Today!

Click HERE to Claim Your Pronunciation Mastery Course

"Kia Orana,

I'm Neita Maoate..."

I'm a mother, wife, and digital language tutor.

My mission is to help people around the world speak Cook Islands, without having to live here.

30-Day Money Back Guarantee

Look, let’s be honest. You don’t know me (probably) and I don’t know you.

Why should you trust me when there is a high chance you might have bought a similar program from somebody else (who you didn’t know at that time) and it flopped, right?

I decided to take all the risks from your shoulders and give you a full 30 days to go through the program.

Because this is a presell and the Pronunciation Mastery Course is going to launch on Nov 8th 2021, your guarantee is extended until Dec 8th, 2021.

During this time you can decide if it is worth the price. If not, just send us an email to and we'll send you a refund right away!

Say Goodbye To...

  • Say goodbye to feeling unconfident in front of your family and friends. Now, you can sing & speak aloud and pronounce Maori words like a Cookie.
  • Say goodbye to feeling ‘plastic’. It’s not your fault. You simply weren’t given the time, knowledge or practice to go about it properly.
  • Say goodbye to shying away from speaking the language. Follow the Pronunciation Mastery course, feel safe practicing with others who have walked your path, and feel good when you speak the reo with family & friends.

    You'll have people turning heads and be internally blown away by how good you sound when you speak Cook Islands.

Click HERE to Claim Your Pronunciation Mastery Course

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the Pronunciation Mastery Course for?

This training program is for anyone who wants to actively speak the Cook Islands language FAST by nailing their pronunciation skills. 

I’m a beginner, will this work for me?

Yes. You’re in a far better position to pick the language up faster and easier than most people when you’ve mastered the alphabets and pronunciation sounds.

I already know how to say a few words, do I still need this?

Absolutely YES. Even if you think you know how to say a few words, this course can be for you. Sharpening your pronunciation skills will increase your level of confidence and fluency to achieve fluency to C1 level.

Is the content available right away?

No, the content will be available on Nov 8th, 2021.
We will notify you via email.

But you’ll get a Special Presell Bonuses for Founding Members should you enroll now. Learn more about these bonuses above.

How long until I can start speaking?
Within a week. Maybe a day or two if you really want to.
The Implementation Action Plans inside this course are short and simple to follow along.

What makes this different from other courses?

This is NOT another “learning” course. This is a “Get Speaking” implementation plan. You will be able to speak once you Master the Pronunciation.
We make it more fun and practical by doing things you wont get on any other Cook Islands speaking course.

Is there anything that I need to pay once I’m in?

No. There is no additional cost once you join the Pronunciation Mastery Course.

What if I don’t like it and decide it’s not for me?

Best to not invest. You either want to speak the Cook Islands language, or you dont.

Here is EVERYTHING You Need To

Start Pronouncing It Right

...In The CookIslands Language

  • Pronunciation Mastery Course (value $197)
  • Bonus #1: 10-Minute Daily Flashcards (value $67)
  • Bonus #2: 37 Complete Phrases (value $97)
  • Bonus #3: Private Facebook Group (priceless)
  • Bonus #4: 5 Steps To Speak Any Language in 30 Days (value $97)
  • 🎁 Fast Action Bonus - Unlimited Pronunciation Feedback (value 297)

Total Value: $755

$37 Today!

Click HERE to Claim Your Pronunciation Mastery Course

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