Sick of saying 'Kia Orana' all the time?..

Porohu 2

How To Speak Fluent Cook Islands Language Forever, in 12 months or Less 

If you've been struggling with learning to speak the Cook Islands language,

I've got good news for you.

From Feeling Insecure To Speaking With Absolute CONFIDENCE In 1 year or Less

Have you ever felt lost?

Completely overwhelmed?

The feeling of “this does not compute?

Have you forgotten “words”

because they don't seem to

“stick in the brain”?

In one ear, out the other.

Have you ever been frustrated

because you knew you were not

getting the speaking practice...

And no online access to a

tutor-coach to guide you through….

What about this one? The big PAIN…

Have you ever felt fearful or

hesitant to take the shot at speaking...

For fear of being laughed at…and ridiculed..

in public or in private?

By strangers, family or friends?

I know how it feels.

Been there, done that.
Its not a good-feel.

I wished a big hole in the floor

opened up…

and swallowed me down

in the ground, out of sight!

You don't have to do it the hard way anymore.

Not  you.
Not anyone.

Here's the thing...

Its not your fault. 


Milestone 1: Speaking with a native speaker for 10 minutes in 3 months time?

Milestone 2: Having a fluent conversation for 30 minutes strait at the 6 month point.

Milestone 3: Speaking fluent with another language speaker for 45 minutes at the 12 month point.


Attending land meetings and understanding what's going on…

The personal growth you will experience

The new-found respect and high regard your family and friends will have for you

The role that will fall on you to be the vaatua tua (speaker) for your mum, dad and the wider Family

Not to mention the boost in your self-confidence .

How…you may ask?

That's what this members-only site is all about.

First, you will learn the fastest way to learn a second language.

Most Cook Islands language courses fail because there are no “comprehensive input” strategies.

I will explain what that is later.

Second, you will learn how to speak and use the language as a tool…to help you to speak.

After all, the whole goal is to speak for 15 minutes, in the language, with a native speaker, 3 months from the day you start.

You use a shovel to dig a hole. The shovel is the tool.

But you really…want a hole.

We use the language (shovel)… to speak the language (hole). 


With the right digital systems, and the right Coaching Team in place, you can learn the language from the comfort and convenience of your home-country, anywhere in the world.

Australia, New Zealand, Europe, the UK, the Pacific, the USA. Anywhere.

As long as you have internet connection access.. and a Zoom, you are good-to-go.

There is no other comprehensive Cook Islands language site available online, period. Not until now.

You Will Learn:

  • To master the pronunciation and sounds of words .
  • To “think like a Cook Islander”, and not focus on translating every word in English.

    After all, the goal is to speak Reo-Maori, not English. Fastest way to learn it is…speak it.
  • To leverage technology  and leading brain research to memorize and recall words, sentences and more!
  • To speak right from the start
  • Something that all Cook Islands language classes, world-wide, miss out on. It's a problem that we have focused on solving.


Because how can one speak to others if they dont get practise, feedback, correction and repetition to master the Spoken Word?

Its one thing to write. Its a different ball game to speak.
It’s a real Problem. But thankfully…we have the Solution.

Welcome to KukiLanguageLords.

If you've tried before and still can't speak Kuki, then it's not your fault.

So isn't it time you learned how to crush this problem once and for all.

This course includes:

  • 6 Video Modules with the average of 5 short  teaching sessions in each module. 
  • Over 100 Audio MP3 Files which give you the ability to listen to.. and mimic... the Head Coach and other native speakers. Download to your smartphone and listen-then-mimic, 24/7.
  • Primary to secondary-level readers (reading ebooks), with a native speaker reading each page (audio mp3) …to meet you where you are (level 1-7)  and give you unlimited chances to rewind, mimic, practice…and pick up the accent and pronunciation skills that is sorely needed. At the same time, you will increase your word knowledge-bin.
  • Quizzes and games, to entertain and educate you in one hit. A powerful way to learn anything is by having fun! eg think of any sports you have played.Lets have Fun on your journey!
  • Spaced-Repetition System Software, to help you retain words into long-term memory. This is the secret-sauce to learning any topic, Visual flashcards, to help you solid-up your WordMastery and the way you organize words to make sense.
  • Access to native-speakers to practice focused conversations and simulate “real conversations”. Practice, drill, repeat in private so you are confident when you speak amongst family, friends and associates in public.
  • Recommended Resources and tools that we know of, available online.
  • Our own self-published e-learning materials (e.g. Frequently Used Words,the first 1000 words) that we have used to teach our own NZ-born children. We also provide our own word-stacks that we have sitting on Brainscape. 2500+ and still adding.
  • Success Work, to ensure you hit the speaking-result in 3 months.
  • Twice Weekly Masterclasses for Questions and Answers (Q&A) and “Hot-Spots”where live discussions are held and everyone gets to leverage off other members' insights. TeamWork.
  • Community of Passionate Cookies, just like you, who are all pumped, and highly motivated to  “speak the reo” and walk into the Cook Islands world.

To recap:

What is This?

  • This is a digital course (on steroids), on a members only locked site, that's not available anywhere else in the world. 
  • It's the only course where you can learn the Cook Islands language from the comfort and convenience of your own home.
  • Its also a zero tolerance-criticism zone.
  • Thanks to internet technology, you will be able to attend live, receive replays, rewind, repeat, re-listen etc… so that it all sinks in. This means you can learn in your own time and catch-up on recorded replays.
  • You will have 24/7 access as an active member.
  • In layman's terms, this is where all your modalities of learning (eyes, ears, mouth, pen ) reading-writing-listening-speaking… are hit from all angles.

    This means you will be having a variety of learning experiences to keep you mentally stimulated, engaged and having fun.

    Lots of memorable FUN!

Our Mission is “to keep the Cook Islands Language Alive”. This can only be done if we speak the language everyday, speak it with our children and/or family & friends, and pass it on.

We emphasize 'Spoken' over all other formats.

Here is what you will be getting:

Session #1

Don't Worry About Pronunciation. 

Every Little Gonna Be Alright.

The key to fluency is communicating to another person. If they get you, and respond back, then you are fluently engaged.

If they don't understand what you're saying, and they don't respond, then no communication is happening.

They're not going to talk back. Or they might talk back in English…becoz?

You are hard to understand.

It may be that what you said “doesn't make sense” due to pronouncing it wrong and therefore it means something else (even though the spelling is the same).

Or…they cant work out what your saying because your accent is difficult to comprehend.

So this is priority level 1:  master pronunciation FIRST.

When you focus on sounding right, then others will get what your saying.

They wont have to strain to work out what it is your trying to communicate.

And they will work out what you mean, even if pronounced wrong.

So…lets make it easy for them.

Awareness of all the nuances in sounding letters of the alphabet come first.

Then lots of practice with pronunciation coaches to get you sounding confident and on-point.

Master your face, tongue and mouth muscles that you have never needed to use before.

Get your confidence-on with your pronunciation so…

You speak, they speak back, you reply, they reply back…and voila…your on your way.

Just like you did, with your parents, at the age of 2-3yrs old. 

The key: having access to a pronunciation coach who can support and help you self-correct.

This module is key. The First step to speaking the language.

Here is what you will be getting:

Session #2

Master 1k- Think Kuki, Kare Papa’a

How can I learn and build my word sets, so I can have decent conversations?

The secret here is to focus on learning words, sentences and phrases that has relevance to you NOW and topics which interest you.

Mormon missionaries are famous for learning foreign languages. Reason HOW?

They focus on 1 topic, gathering souls, and learn everything to do with that subject to be able to communicate with their foreign flock.

They focus on One thing that is highly Relevant and holds their Attention and Motivation 24/7. These are key attributes to learning any new language. Focus, Relevance, Motivation and Purpose.

In the Mormons case…their Purpose is bringing souls to Heavenly Father.

What is yours?

Why would you put your immediate attention on things which you have no motivation to learn when you could double down on topics that will get you going, are close to your heart…and consists of normal discussions you would have on a day-to-day basis. The rest can be picked up over time.

This is one of the secret hacks that got me, a NZ born, speaking fluent Fast.

Learning stuff straight away that I was likely to use in my everyday conversations.

It would be the perfect strategy for you too.

This module will give you shortcuts and hacks that will bypass all the irrelevant stuff.

Areas that are boring you will jump straight into Cook Islands frequently used phrases that you would normally speak about when talking to friends, families and workmates. The stuff that most of us would talk about when hooking up in normal social circumstances.

Makes sense…ay?

If your interest is in church things, and scripts (conversations) to deal in that topic, do yourself a favor and learn these words… and forget words/topics that are irrelevant to you.

Here is what you will be getting:

Session #3

Brainscape -The Secret Sauce

One of the things that people have a problem with when learning a new language is remembering words. Whether it's Chinese, French, German, you name it, its a universal problem.

Brainscape is a Spaced Repetition System which is similar to using flashcards.

All digital based. Flashcards on steroids.

Its all software driven so that once the system knows that you'll pick up a word that they can move on and get the ones that you're not so good at and it helps you every day to learn that word, so that it takes it from short term memory to your long term memory.

There are various visual audio things that the software does.

But the most important thing, it helps your brain to master vocabulary because it is connected to visual images that your brain finds easier to recall.

So this tool is the answer for you.

If you have a problem with remembering stuff, Brainscape will help you remember.