Takitumu Triber Program

When you become a Takitumu Triber, you will have access to exclusive Tools and Resources to accelerate your learning of the culture and the language.

This is the only Cook Islands online language program offered anywhere in the WORLD.

There's no other program where you can conveniently  learn...

  • At your own pace
  • In your own privacy
  • In the car
  • On the bus 
  • In bed...

with no risk of feeling embarrassed or stupid.

The best thing :
 in this whole program you get instant english translation, side-by-side.
This means fast learning and high memory retention rates.
And no having to dig into 2-inch thick dictionaries.
You will be speaking Cook Islands in short time.

Here's Whats In The
Takitumu Triber Program (T.T.P)

Module #1:

Module #1

Did you ever want to know the words to that song?

Did you ever wonder what the lyrics meant in English?

Ever wished you had Kuki songs to play and sing at that party...but didnt know where to get the words? 

Well now you can be the life of the party and have reams of songs at your disposal on your smartphone.

At, there are over 100 popular Cook Islands songs complete with:

  • lyrics,
  • translation in Maori to English lyrics,
  • recordings (so you push-play and instantly hear the song being sung)

Feast yourself on Popular Songs, Old School, Traditional songs and even Imene Tuki songs (you hear in Cook Islands churches). Lots of the favorite (top likes) Cook Islands songs on YouTube are in the songbooks. Too easy.

As a Triber , you will have access to over 100 songs so that you can learn all the words and start to build your word-bank, and your songs-bank.

Talk about double-whammy.

By the way, this is our secret-sauce to teaching our own children the language.

Through Music.

Now you can too !

Finally, for the first time in history, the doors are going to be flung open.

You dont need to be a somebody to sing Cook Islands songs.

Your time has arrived.

Watch as you learn new words singing along to your favorite tunes. As you sing, you will learn words super-fast. 

The value of having access to this RESOURCE is immeasurable. You cant get this anywhere else in the world. 

Conservative value $197.

When you become a Takitumu-Triber it is included in your program.

Module #2:

Module #2-

Welcome to the world of self-paced language learning.

As a Triber, you will have access to

A private language course that is now 11 years old. 

This program is unique because it was created by a Cook Islands mother who homeschooled her children and created the first videos when they were 5 years old.

Those kids are now in their teens ( 18-19 ). Along with their mother, they continue  to tutor and teach others how to speak Cook Islands Language.

The language course has over 100 video lessons and focuses on everyday life conversations.
Talking at home, shops, sports, family, travel, etc. 

The normal conversations that anyone would have on a normal day. is a course that continues to grow. It is added to continously. 

There is no other Cook Islands Language course like it in the world.

The unique thing about this course is it has been developed from a NZ born, English-is-my-first- language...perspective. This makes it much much easier To Learn....if English is your first-language (this is the case 99.9% of the time).

In other words, its created from a person who understands your difficulties, your pains, and the frustrations in learning a language-(like Cook Islands Maori)-when your brain has been pre-wired in English-speaking schools.

As a result, we guarantee to get you speaking confidently within 30 days, if you do the work.

If you really desire it, here's the fastest path to speaking the Reo. 

1. Decide you want it.

2. Get the right program and tutor.

3. Take measured actions everyday. 

4. Practice. Have a go. Repeat.
5. Get an accountability partner.

Module #3:   CookIslands Books

Module #3-

Cook Islands Reader Books

Remember the 3 R's at school?

Reading. Riteing. Rithmetic.

(I know...writing, arithmetic )

As part of the Triber program, you will also get access to an online library of Cook Islands reading books.

Remember the readers you had in primary, intermediate, and college?

That sort of reading material.

The stuff that sticks in your head, thanks to pictures, words, and now...sound.

Yes, sound. 

These readers are digital flip books.

You get a fluent speaker reading each page out loud in the book.

In this way, you can hear how things are pronounced and makes it easy for you to imitate / copy the sounds.

So you're taking it up through your eyes, ears and fingers that click, pause and rewind.

All powerful modes of learning.

Again, there is no resource like this anywhere in the world.

We have a database of books complete with:

  • Maori to English translations,
  • new words to help boost up your word-bank,
  • and audio dialogues that you can play/pause to help you with pronunciation.

For anyone who wants to learn the language for themselves and their children, starting from the ages of 5, this is a must-have.


Because it allows you to learn like you did at primary school...starting with primary level materials. 

As you get better, the resources grow with you.

From intermediate up to secondary-school level.

This is the big gap that is not in the current education system anywhere in the world, except Rarotonga and the outer islands. 

We have solved this problem by making it digital and readily available to the world. 

As a Triber, you have the rear distinction of being one of the first to have access to these treasures. 

Well done!

Become a Takitumu-Triber TODAY For Only $0NZD 

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30 Day Money-Back Guarantee

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No hassles. No questions. No worries.
Meaning, you have absolutely nothing to lose and EVERYTHING to gain. 
There's no risk on your part. Everything is up to us to deliver.

Here’s A Recap Of
When You Join The Takitumu Tribers Program!

  • Over 100 Cook Islands Songs & Lyrics  ($197NZD Value)
  • Over 100 Cook Islands Language Lessons  ($497NZD Value)
  • Cook Island Reader Books  ($197NZD Value)

Total Value: $891NZD

But today, you're getting all of this...

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( This program will never be at this price level again & will command monthly payments to future subscribers )

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