“Speaking Fluent Cook Islands Maori Is Easy When You Have the Right Tools and Teaching Strategies!”

If you’ve ever wanted to speak the language, then this is the most important letter you’re going to read on the topic…  

Does this sound like YOU:

  • I'm Cook Islands…but not.
  • I'm proud to be Cook Islands…but I can't speak the language.
  • Sometimes I don't really feel like a real Cook Islander…because ______?
  • I would love to speak but…I lack the know-how or coaching-access...
  • I'm scared to make mistakes, I just can't bear the thought of being laughed at.

If you’ve had any of the above feelings and/or sentiments...Kia orana.

Welcome aboard our Vaka.

A vaka that carries you, me and scores of thousands of other hopeful Kuki’s…
on the same journey.

All of us are in the same boat...

Rowing like Viking-slaves, below-deck.

Not forced to row, for we choose to wear chains...

...and not walk up on deck to be free-

Free Cook Islanders speaking Maori.

Its a funny thing.

When we continue to haul our self-imposed chains.
We don't realize we are passing our “english-master’s” rowing tools onto our children.

And in doing so we are taking our children, and our children's-children…on the same journey.

English-speaking Slaves…by our own Choice.

Let me explain.

If you know of this problem...

And choose not to Own Your Heritage...

Then you have contributed...

To the English-speaking Slaves Journey

A journey where we lose....

 the tongue of your forefathers...

You lose the Last Connection to...

  • your Mum,
  • your Dad,
  • your grand-parents,
  • and the links to your Ui Tupuna, your ancestors.
  • Literally...

    Thousands upon thousands of Tupuna souls...

    who have passed onto the other side...

    Awaiting your arrival...

    To join the Clan.

    You Lose Your IDENTITY

    • Who You Are
    • Who You Were Born To Be
    • Your Certainty
    • Your Birth-Right

    This leads to an even bigger Problem.

    A Cook Islands National-Race Problem

    That has far worse implications than the Covid Pandemic.

    Because it Can Wipe Out Our Culture & Our Language

    The very essence of being Cook Islander!

    (It's already happened/happening in Rarotonga).

    Here's the Contradiction: 

    • We are proud Cook Islanders, and yet..do not speak Cook Islands Maori.
    • We are also proud Kiwis, but identify as being of Cook Islands descent on government statistics forms.
    • We are brown in NZ and Australia...but only speak English.
    • We look brown like everyone else in Rarotonga & the Pa Enua…but don't speak brown.

    Aue tatou e!

    As my pa would say, “Te akape'ea mai nei koe?” (What's up with that?)

    Kia Orana, my name is Tairi Maoate.

    When I moved to Rarotonga in my 20's, all I could say was ‘Kia orana’ and that was it...

    The rest was in Her Royal Majesty, The Queen of England's mother tongue…english.

    With a name like mine, Kuki's thought I spoke the lingo…until I opened my mouth.

    I could see their eyes glaze with a bit of revulsion.
    They must have been thinking thoughts like…REALLY ??

    As a NZ-born, my parents spoke Raro at home, but we kids weren't taught to speak. So NZ kiwi-english became the adopted “mother-tongue” for my brothers and sisters.

    We were not the only ones.
    All our cuzzie-bros were all in the same boat.

    No big deal…right?

    I mean, if your story was like ours, then you know what its like.
    Raro was only for our mums, dads, aunties, uncles, nans & papas, but looking back

    I guess we were the part of the original 

    ♫ Kiwi-kids are Weet Bix kids ♫

    Now that our parents, and our grandparents are all gone

    it seems our kids are

    Just like us…
    2nd, 3rd and 4th generation
    Weet-bix Kids
    Inter-generational Slaves to English.

    Back To Raro...

    When I was in my 30’s...
    I lacked the confidence to mingle with any real Kuki's then 
    (even my own family, unless they spoke english).

    I felt like a kiwi tourist in my own homeland.
    And I hated that feeling so much!
    Being Cook Islander- but not a speaker of the language.
    Being brown on the outside..but white on the in.

    Without a command of my father’s language, I felt naked.
    Unable to join my gang.
    Foreigner. Visitor.
    In the land of my ancestors.
    Aue te mamae.
    Deep down, it hurt.

    No matter how much you avoided the situation,
    there was always a small voice in the back of my head saying,
    “you can run…but you can't hide."
    Do you know what I mean?

    In NZ,as a kid growing up, it was like piggy in the middle.
    Not a NZ maori. Not a white-kiwi. Something in between.
    A coco.

    But this time (in Raro) it was much much harder.
    Cook Islander ?
    Tuatua maori ?
    Eáa toou reo?

    But then things changed.

    It wasnt until I met (and married) my beautiful Rakahanga-Kuki wife, that I got Hope.

    Hope that one day,
    when I walk the land of my parents and ancestors,
    I will walk with confidence, pride and certainty knowing
    Who I Am
    Where i come from,
    and most of all,
    speak Cook Islands maori.

    If you resonate with the above description
    We can help you.

    Here is EVERYTHING You Need To

    Start Pronouncing It Right

    ...In The CookIslands Language

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    6 Reasons

    Why You Should Learn To Pronounce It Right:

    • Reason #1 - More Confidence

    Once you have your pronunciation down pat, speaking with native speakers becomes more enjoyable and boosts your motivation even more.


    More Confident => More you Speak => More you Improve => Better Fluency

    • Reason #2 - Understood Better

    Whether you've got your grammar wrong or you have no or limited vocabulary, you can still communicate well as long as you can pronounce the words properly. 

    • Reason #3 - No More English 

    How many of you have tried replying in the same language as your aunties / uncles / friends / family, but didn't know how to say it? Stop holding yourself back, master the pronunciation first, then build your bucket of vocabulary, second.

    • Reason #4 - Better Listening

    When you complete the Pronunciation Mastery Course, you will be able to identify the words you hear straight away, reinforcing your grammar and vocabulary along the way. 

    • Reason #5 - Read & Write Faster

    Gaining a solid understanding of the Cook Islands language alphabet and their individual sounds will allow you to read and write 10x faster than those without it.

    It's just like English, before you can read, you must know what each letter sounds like in order to put it together.

    • Reason #6 - Reach Fluency Much Faster

    Last but not least, you will be able to identify words you hear and read FAR more accurately.

    The 4 Step

    Pronunciation Success Path



    #1: Master The Alphabets

    Get started with the Cook Islands Language alphabet chart and learn about the 'uncommon' letters you never knew existed



    #2: Master Pronouncing Words

    Practice pronouncing different words to get your mouth moving and tongue rolling.
    And yes, we're giving you a collection of words you can start using today!



    #3: Say It In A Sentence

    Now for the FUN part!
    Let’s put the words you've learnt into sentences you can use with your family and friends.



    #4: Celebrate!!

    Congratulations! Now, you sound like a native speaker.

    Your friends and family will be amazed by the level of fluency you've reached. They'll start asking you to read aloud speeches and/or sing songs in the language.

    Here's EVERYTHING You Need To

    Start Pronouncing It Right

    ...In The CookIslands Language

    Pronunciation Mastery Course

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    Want to stop feeling insecure about whether or not you're saying things correctly?

    The Pronunciation Mastery Course is filled with short videos that help you practice rolling your tongue and “spitting in your throat” to mimic the sounds so that your pronunciation is bang-on. It also highlights the traps and nuances in the lingo. 

    I didn’t realize this until I taught my NZ-born husband...

    But, English (Australian, American, British) vowels and sounds are totally different from Cook Islands vowels and sounds.

    Mastery of the sounding of letters, and then words, is vital. Because believe me….it’s one thing to know hundreds of vocabs. It’s another thing to speak it.

    BONUS #1:

    10-Minute Daily Flashcards

    (valued $67)

    Learning how to pronounce each letter is one step.
    Learning how to pronounce a word is another.

    That’s why we're giving you a collection of words - which you can use on a daily basis - to listen, pronounce, and practice as many times as you want, from your phone. 

    This will help get your mouth moving naturally and increase your level of vocabulary. 

    BONUS #2:

    37 Complete Phrases

    (valued $97)

    You either USE it or LOSE it.

    There's nothing better than being able to put the language to use in your daily life.
    Here are 37 commonly used phrases that you can start saying with your family & friends. 

    BONUS #3:

    Private Facebook Group


    Don’t ever feel like you’re alone.

    When you join the Pronunciation Mastery Course, you’ll gain access to our Private Facebook Group where you can talk, share and learn with other members in the course.

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    Here is EVERYTHING You Need To

    Start Pronouncing It Right

    ...In The CookIslands Language

    • Pronunciation Mastery Course (value $197)
    • Bonus #1: 10-Minute Daily Flashcards (value $67)
    • Bonus #2: 37 Complete Phrases (value $97)
    • Bonus #3: Private Facebook Group (priceless)
    • Bonus #4: 5 Steps To Speak Any Language in 30 Days (value $97)
    • 🎁 Fast Action Bonus - Unlimited Pronunciation Feedback (value 297)

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    "Kia Orana,

    I'm Neita Maoate..."

    I'm a mother, wife, and digital language tutor.

    My mission is to help people around the world speak Cook Islands, without having to live here.

    30-Day Money Back Guarantee

    Look, let’s be honest. You don’t know me (probably) and I don’t know you.

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    Say Goodbye To...

    • Say goodbye to feeling unconfident in front of your family and friends. Now, you can sing & speak aloud and pronounce Maori words like a Cookie.
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    • Say goodbye to shying away from speaking the language. Follow the Pronunciation Mastery course, feel safe practicing with others who have walked your path, and feel good when you speak the reo with family & friends.

      You'll have people turning heads and be internally blown away by how good you sound when you speak Cook Islands.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Who is the Pronunciation Mastery Course for?

    This training program is for anyone who wants to actively speak the Cook Islands language FAST by nailing their pronunciation skills. 

    I’m a beginner, will this work for me?

    Yes. You’re in a far better position to pick the language up faster and easier than most people when you’ve mastered the alphabets and pronunciation sounds.

    I already know how to say a few words, do I still need this?

    Absolutely YES. Even if you think you know how to say a few words, this course can be for you. Sharpening your pronunciation skills will increase your level of confidence and fluency to achieve fluency to C1 level.

    Is the content available right away?

    No, the content will be available on Nov 8th, 2021.
    We will notify you via email.

    But you’ll get a Special Presell Bonuses for Founding Members should you enroll now. Learn more about these bonuses above.

    How long until I can start speaking?
    Within a week. Maybe a day or two if you really want to.
    The Implementation Action Plans inside this course are short and simple to follow along.

    What makes this different from other courses?

    This is NOT another “learning” course. This is a “Get Speaking” implementation plan. You will be able to speak once you Master the Pronunciation.
    We make it more fun and practical by doing things you wont get on any other Cook Islands speaking course.

    Is there anything that I need to pay once I’m in?

    No. There is no additional cost once you join the Pronunciation Mastery Course.

    What if I don’t like it and decide it’s not for me?

    Best to not invest. You either want to speak the Cook Islands language, or you dont.

    Here is EVERYTHING You Need To

    Start Pronouncing It Right

    ...In The CookIslands Language

    • Pronunciation Mastery Course (value $197)
    • Bonus #1: 10-Minute Daily Flashcards (value $67)
    • Bonus #2: 37 Complete Phrases (value $97)
    • Bonus #3: Private Facebook Group (priceless)
    • Bonus #4: 5 Steps To Speak Any Language in 30 Days (value $97)
    • 🎁 Fast Action Bonus - Unlimited Pronunciation Feedback (value 297)

    Total Value: $755

    $37 Today!

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